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The Associação Teatro Experimental do Funchal (ATEF) is a non-profit cultural association that legally establishes the Teatro Experimental do Funchal (TEF), founded on 30th November 1975, within the field of: creation, production and dissemination of theatre shows and aims at forming and training the different segments of the public.

Working towards the continuous growth and improvement of the group, ATEF has affirmed itself as a promotor of theatre shows becoming a reference in the regional cultural panorama due to the quality of its productions and the management and rigor of its artistic projects.

Producing shows for all audiences, in a diversity of genres and aesthetics, has been a constant in the course of ATEF history, throughout its 41 years of existence. That is why the decentralisation of their shows has created the motto “TEF FÁ-LO SAIR DE CASA” (meaning: TEF makes you go out more), a portrait of the loyalty of thousands of viewers who flock to the theatre room at TEF.

Nowadays, other segments of the public, in particular people with special needs, to whom theatre is still a world apart, triggered in the group the imperative of another conscience: the need to adopt special strategies, such as accessibility as well as another programmatic dimension, thus creating the idea of “TEF – CULTURA ACESSÍVEL” (Accessible culture to all).

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