A huge pride in the work done

What do we do?

Teatro Experimental do Funchal has had different designations/names over time. It has been known as GETF, TEF – Cooperativa de Responsabilidade Limitada, TEATRO EXPERIMENTAL DO FUNCHAL or, simply, TEF. Currently, the group goes for the designation ATEF (Experimental Theatre Association of Funchal) integrating different services and competences.

Regardless of its designations and stages, ATEF has always counted with the collaboration of hundreds of people, constituting a memorial formed by a great team of creatives, producers, technicians and craftsmen from different areas – actors, directors, set designers, artists, writers, translators, composers, musicians, singers, dancers, performers, visual artists, designers and photographers, among many others.

What services and activities do we develop?

Theatre for Children and Youth

Theatre for Adults

Inclusive Theatre

Community Theatre

Street Theatre

Inclusive Events

Theatrical Animation

Educational Service (Education of audiences)


Technical and artistic training

Theatre Workshops: TEFOS (07-10 years) and GETTEF (+ 15 years)

TEFtúlias (café-concert, debates, conferences, workshops …)

Professional Internships (artistic and other areas)

Staged Readings

Sign Poetry

Exhibitions in the Gallery of the Artists’ Café

Radio programmes


Theatre Library


TEF File

Artistic partnerships

Production partnerships

Inclusive Theatre

Inclusive Theatre Shows

As part of the recent residence of GMT Oficina Versus at ATEF (which started on 1st September 2017), we will produce inclusive theatre shows, listed in the current artistic season.

“TEF – Accessible Culture” Programme

The Associação Teatro Experimental do Funchal (ATEF) adhered to the concept “accessible culture” and created the TEF ACCESSIBLE CULTURE programme in the last quarter of 2016, generating more accessibility regarding its cultural offer and producing events of inclusive art in the new artistic season 2016-2017.
In its genesis, there is the denial that culture is a product for elites as well as the search for a rapprochement with all segments of the public, thus fulfilling its mission as a promoter of culture for all.

General aims

• Make the shows, as well as other cultural initiatives, accessible to all minorities that constitute segments of the public usually overlooked from the standards of normal attendees through: translation in LGP, Braille writing, audio description, elimination / adaptation of architectural barriers in public representation spaces;
• Provide free access to persons and / or institutions in need, among others;
• Foster knowledge of the world of the performing arts and other activities of cultural interest, alerting, informing and training the different audiences for different aesthetic proposals;
• Invite the free participation of the different publics, creating formats of active involvement and experimentation;
• Be an added value for the community by informing the general public about the specificities of the access to culture.

Last show on stage

139ª Quasímodo – O Corcunda


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