Zé Pateta, Zé Poeta
de Natália Teles

Temporada artística


Em exibição

2 maio a 1 junho 2010
Cine Teatro de Santo António

Classificação etária

Maiores de 2 anos


50 minutos

Produção 116 do Teatro Experimental do Funchal

Élvio Camacho


Ana Graça | Actriz , Rufino, Criada
António Ferreira | Actor , Zé Pateta, Justino, Criada
Ilídio Teixeira | Actor , Pai, Rei
Magda Paixão | Actriz , Pregoeiro, Princesa

Ficha Artística e Técnica

Encenação | Élvio Camacho
Música Original e Orquestração | Fernando Almeida
Desenho de Luz | Hélder Martins
Direcção de Cena e Contra-Regra | Avelina Macedo e Cristina Loja
Coordenação de Figurinos*, Adereços e Dispositivo Cénico | Cristina Loja e Avelina Macedo
Montagem e Operação de Luz | Hélder Martins
Operação de Som | Avelina Macedo
Sonoplastia e Montagem de Som | Élvio Camacho
Design Gráfico | Dupla DP|Novos Conceitos de Comunicação e Publicidade, Lda.
Frente de Casa e Bilheteira | Patrícia Perneta e Élvio Camacho

* Utilização/adaptação de figurinos e adereços, de anteriores produções do TEF.

By the Stage Director

Where Things get Lost

This is an old story of when João Pateta lost a coin that his mother had given him:
“So you lost the coin I gave you, João?”
“I lost it because I had a hole in my pocket, but I’ve already found it!”
“And where did you find it?”
– No, mother. I’ve found the hole!
My dear little Theatre friends, let’s go fill our lungs with fantasy and exercise our imagination. Be demanding! Search for the place where things get lost …
There are many creative variants of João Pateta’s fictional world, from traditional tales and stories to anecdotes, This time, by the playwright Natália Teles, who has accustomed us to a simple, fun, natural and artful writing, TEF presents to you another play for children (its 51st) and which is expected to be unique.

It is by conveying how unique João Pateta is, amongst all others, that this story is revealed.
João Pateta awakens the importance of appreciation and recognition of what makes each being unique. Dissimilar, but not extinct. After all, there is merit in the simplest gesture of a goofy.
Our audiences are what distinguishes us – TEF – as well as your esteem for our plays, which is what makes us constantly want to return back on stage.
All in all, we hope that this quartet of actors fill you with laughter and dreams.
In the end you may find that the “where” and “the why” things are missing may be more important than finding them.
Finally, we may realise that we are foolish people with the souls of poets.


«(…) PRINCESS: I see… So, you just talk to goats?
ZÉ PATETA: No, princess, that would be discrimination.
PRINCESS: You’re absolutely right. So, you talk to other animals too?
ZÉ PATETA: Exactly!
PRINCESS: Even to dogs?
ZÉ PATETA: Especially to dogs (…). »*

When the Town Crier announces that the King, from the Kingdom of Alcamer, is willing to acknowledge all the young men who are worthy of aspiring to the hand of his daughter, there are those who decide to take that chance for a better future … Rufino, Justin and Zé Pateta answer the call and exercise their arguments.

* TELES, Natália, Zé Pateta (Goofy), excerpt of a play.

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