Galeria.a was recently conceived as part of the artistic project of the company ATEF – Associação de Teatro Experimental. It intends to be a space where the interaction of the different arts may happen. ATEF, as a producer of performing arts / theatre, with a 42-year of history, foresees a growth in the formation of audiences achieved through its educational service and its accessibility component – ATEF Cultura Acessível. Therefore, it is in this context that a project for a gallery that in itself intends to sediment a greater number of viewers appears and is added to the educational service of ATEF, contributing in this way for a more effective involvement of other segments of public, in the consolidation of greater socio-cultural intervention.

This embryonic project, galeria.a, also intends to address a perceived lack of exhibition spaces in the region, with the aim of promoting artists of emerging visual arts and thus establishing a closer relationship between the artistic project of ATEF and the regional cultural and artistic scene as a whole.

Headquartered in the Cine-Teatro Santo António building, Galeria.a is defined as an art gallery, a place for exhibition of art projects and related events, which promotes the visual arts, in connection with the Theatre.
The term “a”, in a first approach, is linked to the designation recently adopted by the Teatro Experimental do Funchal, ATEF – Funchal Experimental Theatre Association.

The choice of a word, as a meaningful term, rests on the singular option of a letter with significant meaning. In a minimal conception, the letter “a” infers the first of the vowels, but also the beginning of the alphabet. The verbalisation of that letter carries a vocal sound, to which one is not indifferent, a sound which takes different sounds depending on the language in which it is pronounced. In its immediate sonority, we cannot disassociate the respiratory mechanism that, in its performative perspective, we associate with a possible expression of the actor. If we connect the letter “a” with an open and singular sound, it brings, in its wide expression, the emotional suggestion of a cry, an ouch, a liberation, a sign of pain that does not scorn the dramatic component as a human expression. As for its graphics, the letter “a” originates in the Egyptian hieroglyph (pictogram) that symbolises the eagle (ahom). The eagle, considered as the queen of birds, appears practically in all civilizations as a symbol of the sun and the sky whose sovereignty and strength complements the graphics of some current heraldry. The eagle, also associated with the Phoenix, acquires a role as a symbol of renewal and rebirth. Free flight is also associated with freedom, inherent in the artistic world.

Thus, the designation “a” appears as a symbolic indication of a project that is now beginning, the beginning of an alphabet that wants to be visually artistic in dialogue with the dramatic art.
In its programming, galeria.a will be vibrant with exhibition projects, both temporal and thematic, focusing on the acquisition of new audiences, which we want to familiarise with and build loyalty around the contemporary artistic production. The offer of an educational service will provide the vitalisation of the gallery space and its projects through exhibitions and other diversified initiatives: conferences, talks and workshops.




Tue, Thu & Fry: 10:am to 1:pm / 3:pm to 6:pm
Saturdays: 3:pm to 6:pm


Inaugural Opening | galeria.a

Uma galeria de Arte, pensada pelo Serviço Educativo da ATEF, em formatos   acessíveis para todos os públicos (invisuais, cegos, surdos, pessoas com mobilidade reduzida e outros ) – tradução em Língua Gestual Portuguesa,  audio descrição, braille, jogos e atividades relacionados.


Um projeto de exposição coletiva, sobre a representação figurativa – o auto retrato ou retrato. Uma ideia enraizada no autor ou do seu manifesto “objeto de desejo”. Um “olhar” que dialoga e nos “perturba”, como na performance de um ator sobre um palco. Um segredo do artista que desnuda os seus afetos perante o mundo.

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