ATEF intends to create cooperation partnerships which enable the exchange and acquisition of knowledge, experience, goods and services, based on the opportunity for intervention and training in work context (Work Context Formation), already implicit in ATEF’s artistic season programme for 2016-2017.

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Produção 125 do Teatro Experimental do Funchal

PARTNERSHIP WITH Uma (Madeira University)

This partnership began at the end of the 2015-2016 season and aims to ensure the promotion of initiatives and joint actions between the FAH / UMa Art and Multimedia course and ATEF, focusing on the valorization of artistic production and cultural.

Cooperation between the two parties will, whenever possible, focus on initiatives and actions of students and teachers, of the following nature:


(a) provide general technical, logistical, artistic and scientific support for the setting-up of ATEF shows, exhibitions and other initiatives;


b) viewing an interaction between subjects and as a complement to the different artistic expressions and the understanding of these languages applied to the Theatre, it aims: to enable students and teachers to participate in the creative and technical process – scenography, scene objects, drama, interpretation, costumes, graphic design, web design, assembly and light operation, assembly and operation of sound, production and dissemination of information about performances;

c) enable the presentation of the creative processes carried out by the artists who develop projects in ATEF, the academic community and the general public in the UMa or ATEF installations;

d) make it possible to carry out at ATEF professional internships to the students graduated by the course of Art and Multimedia;

e) carry out the dissemination of ATEF’s activities at UMa;

f) carry out other initiatives to be defined in the future, within what is specified as intervention of partners.

Parceria com Escolas de Formação Profissional

• This partnership, which once long existed between ATEF and CEPAM (Arts School) until the end of the 2015-2016 artistic season, should be extended to other Vocational Training schools based in Madeira, with the following aims:

  • the exchange of knowledge and services as well as the use of strategies that may generate mutual opportunities and new practical solutions in the short, medium and long terms;
    • the creation of added value for the community: the public, artists, technicians, entrepreneurs, institutions and other entities – thus overcoming the constant and recurring challenges that contemporary life demands from those who produce and promote culture.
  • It aims at integrating students from the following areas:
    • sociocultural animation;
    • technical support – light, sound and image;
    • audiovisual;
    • carpentry;
    • communication, marketing, public relations and advertising;
    • digital design;
    • design;
    • computing;
    • make-up and characterisation;
    • secretariat;
    • others.
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